PTSC Update: Real Conversations, Statistics, and Resources

Real Conversations, Statistics, and Resources

While it seems like there is no shortage of tough conversations to have with kids these days, illegal drugs are certainly one we cannot ignore. Thank you to Overdoes Lifeline, for allowing us to share these images and statistics! First, let’s look at some statistics for Indiana:

Today I want to drill down to a specific drug that seems to drive a lot of overdose conversations: Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is often added to other drugs. It can be deadly on contact.

Another newer, and alarming trend, is “Rainbow Fentanyl”. This rainbow-colored drug is being used to target younger audiences. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration recently released a warning you can read here. You will see the statistics in increases in overdoses in our youth population.

What do we do as a school system? We continue to provide education. We continue to provide support through our counselors and our mental health partnership with Porter Starke (we have a Porter Starke professional on campus). Our School Resource Officers in every building carry Narcan (overdose treatment). We also work with families as they need support.

We have also put resources online to help support you. On our PTSC Safety website you will find links to resources from Porter County Substance Abuse and Prevention, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and Overdose Lifeline.

Have conversations about this with your children at home. It is never too early to start. It is essential for students to know never to take a prescription medication that has not been prescribed to them from their doctor. It is important for kids to know the real risk and consequences of illegal drug usage. It’s important for them to know who they can trust. If you are looking for help in how to talk to your kids about this, the Porter County Substance Abuse and Prevention roadmap has a podcast on how to talk to your kids about this subject!

Important Dates:

Here are some dates to keep on your calendar!

  • October 13: 30 Minute Early Dismissal All Buildings, Parent/Teacher Conferences PLE/BGE
  • October 13: End of First Quarter
  • October 17: Parent/Teacher Conferences BGMS/BGHS
  • October 18: 30 Minute Early Dismissal All Buildings, Parent Teacher Conferences All Buildings
  • October 20-21: No School, Fall Break
  • November 8: eLearning All Buildings
  • November 23-25: No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • December 20: End of Second Quarter and First Semester
  • December 21-January 3: No School, Winter Break
  • January 4: First day back after break!
  • January 16: No School, MLK Day (Potential Snow Day Makeup Day)
  • February 17: No School (Potential Snow Day Makeup Day)
  • February 20: No School, President’s Day
  • March 10: End of Third Quarter
  • March 27-31: No School, Spring Break
  • April 7: No School (Potential Snow Day Makeup Day)
  • April 10: No School (Potential Snow Day Makeup Day)
  • May 2: eLearning All Buildings
  • May 24: End of Fourth Quarter, Last Day of School Students
  • May 26: BGHS Graduation
  • June 2: Alternative BGHS Graduation

PTSC Standouts:

Congratulations to Lauren Jeffries, Madalyn McGinty, Nathan Crepeau, and Olivia Rayson on being awarded the National Rural and Small Town Award for outstanding performance on the PSAT! This is an outstanding accomplishment for these BGHS students!

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